Welcome to Kerala, the land where spices reign supreme and every meal is a symphony of flavours dancing on your palette, where amidst the lush greenery, a silent revolution is brewing to ensure that food safety is not just a duty, but a sacred pledge!

In Kerala, the truest measure of wealth lies not in the abundance of riches but in the richness of health and in the prosperity of knowledge. Knowledge is power and in the realm of Food Safety, ignorance is not bliss, but a perilous gamble with health.  In our mission to support the large scale transformation of our country towards ensuring safe, wholesome and sustainable food for every citizen, the Department of Food Safety, Kerala has aligned its awareness & capacity building initiatives with the “whole of society” approach of the Eat Right India Movement.

Echoing the message of “Eat Right”, “Eat Safe” & “Eat Sustainable” loud and clear through a network of educational campaigns and community outreach programmes, the Department of Food Safety Kerala has become a beacon of Knowledge, infused with the spirit of Eat Right India movement. As part of the Eat Right India movement in the state, both demand and supply side initiatives have been given equal thrust to ensure safe food business practices along with healthy food consumption.