Clean Street Food Hub initiative of FSSAI is an effort to revive and upgrade Indian Street food vending to the level of established food courts. It aims to develop certified places of eating out where the benchmarks for safe and hygienic food would be meticulously implemented.

The initiative will raise hygienic standards and revolutionise street food vending making it popular for both domestic and international tourists who otherwise stay away from street food due to concerns of lack of hygiene and sanitation.

It also provides a good opportunity for showcasing the rich traditional cuisine of the State, while nudging the vendors and petty food business operators into food ecosystem that would provide a safe and hygiene local eating experience.

The project involves training and capacity building of Street Food Vendors and ensuring proper regulatory oversight as per the requirements of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

The primary objectives of the initiative include:

  • To ensure health, hygiene and safety standards of street food for all consumers.
  • To ensure social and economic upliftment of the street vendor community by helping them improve the quality of food served thereby improving their custom base.
  • To enhance the popularity of street food by transforming it into a global brand by itself.