The Department of Food Safety Kerala firmly believes that Food must be SAFE and WHOLESOME and must provide adequate nutrition to those who consume it, but Food must not be the cause of disease.

The alarming increase of lifestyle diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and Cancer, point towards the unhealthy dietary practices that play a huge role in this regard.
Adequate attention needs to be given to Food Safety and Child Nutrition to start a positive change at an early age that will eventually build healthy habits in the future thereby moulding a healthier generation of citizens in Kerala.

The Department of Food Safety has undertaken the mission of spreading knowledge and awareness to school students on “Surakshitha Aahaaram Aarogyathinu Aadhaaram” or “Safe Food for Healthy Life” to promote healthy eating habits thereby taking a proactive step towards the prevention of lifestyle diseases.

The objective of this project is to create continuous engagement with students, teachers and parent to make them aware of the importance of safe and nutritious food with the help of Education and Nutrition and Health Departments.

In line with the SNF@School initiative of FSSAI, the Commissionerate of Food Safety has introduced the following programmes in selected schools (two from each Food Safety Circle).


  • Train Teachers
  • Train mid-day meal staff
  • Train students of class 8,9 & 11

Awareness activities

  • Create an activity calendar around food safety & nutrition
  • Organise Health Fair – where student & parent showcase the healthy food cooked in a safe & Nutritious manner
  • Organic “health recipe day”
  • Distribution of pink book
  • Create a school kitchen garden by the student
  • Create a collage with posters created by the student
  • Photography competition based on SNF
  • Quiz competition based on SNF