Food Safety & Standards Act 2006 was promulgated by parliament for the unification of food laws in the country and also for timely innovative changes in the regulatory mechanisms. Unlike the penal oriented PFA Act 1954, the new Act aims at achieving Food Safety through self-regulation and thereby promoting discipline in the Food Business Industry in the Country. The FSSA under section 30 also envisages constituting a Commissionerate of Food Safety in all the states for efficient implementation of Food Safety and Standards and other requirements laid down under the Act and the rules and regulations made thereunder. Accordingly, a Commissionerate of Food Safety was constituted in the State of Kerala in July 2009.

Commissionerate of Food Safety comprises two wings:

  1. Enforcement Wing
  2. Analytical Wing 


To work hand in hand with the community towards building Kerala into a model State renowned for its Food Safety and quality thereby achieving the realization of our motto – “Safe Food for Healthy Life”.


  • To ensure that food sold in the State is safe and fit for consumption
  • To ensure the compliance of best standards and practices for providing safe food at all levels from Farm to Fork
  • To help in the development and maintaining “Food Safety Culture” among the citizens of the State
  • To make “Safe and Nutritious Food”, a way of life in Kerala


The department aims to ensure Safe and Healthy Food and Water to the citizens of Kerala and to develop healthy food habits.

In order to achieve this aim, the department endeavours to pursue the following objectives:-

  • Issuance of license/registration to the Food Business Operators so as to bring them within the regulatory framework of the Food Safety Act and Rules/Regulations.
  • Regulating manufacture, storage, sale and distribution of Food as per provisions of the Food Safety Act and Rules/Regulations.
  • Keeping surveillance and monitoring over the food industry/market by lifting samples of food items which carry the potential risk of adulterants, and creating awareness amongst the consumers regarding possible adulterants in food articles and the labelling requirements of food packages.
  • Educating and training the Food Business Operators to enable them to comply with the Food Safety Management Systems prescribed under the Food Safety Act/Rules/Regulations.
  • Analysis of Food and Water (Statutory/Surveillance/Private) Samples.